Blank Canvas Love Affair

“[The] ultimate freedom of expression is a blank canvas or a block of clay to capture whatever emotions your imagination gives it.”

– Daniel Boulud

Am I the only one who loves the crisp freshness of a blank canvas? So many artists speak of the fear, or at least the momentary trepidation, they feel when faced with one, but for me it’s like a breath of fresh air. I love that it’s just me and pure white nothingness. A wide open space in front of which I can really stop and breathe for a moment.

Maybe it’s the whole fresh start vibe that appeals to me. Where I may be struggling with an unfinished painting or one I can’t bear to look at any longer, there’s always a new canvas to paint on; one that offers hope, possibility, and the excitement of discovering something as yet unformed.

Perhaps that’s what I’ll do when I feel stuck and uncertain with one painting… I’ll simply start something new, breathe in that sigh of relief that comes with a clean surface, and get my bearings again, ready to jump back into my works in progress with my creativity reinvigorated.

When in doubt, start afresh!

L x


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